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Featured Program - Operation Healthy Homecoming

This program, through our Military Resource Center, provides assistance to veterans and their families who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. See the Operation Healthy Homecoming web site for details.

Welcome to Mental Health America of Los Angeles, Antelope Valley Enrichment Services (AVES). Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA), founded in 1924, is a private, non-profit charitable organization with a mission to "ensure that all people with mental illness assume their full and rightful place in the community." As a division of Mental Health America of Los Angeles, Antelope Valley Enrichment Services has been dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals living with mental health disabilities in the Antelope Valley since 1988.

AVES works in partnership with a broad network of community organizations, businesses, and government to assist our members/clients in gaining self-confidence, self-sufficiency and to receive the supports they need to become contributing citizens of the Antelope Valley community.

Through the practice of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, AVES helps people "to get a life" in their community through various intensive programs: Adult Integrated Services, Transition Age Youth, Homeless Assistance Program, Housing, Employment Services and the Discovery Resource Centers (a client-run program). We use a goal-oriented, individualized approach to move people from being disconnected and isolated from society to leading lives with purpose, dignity and self-reliance. Antelope Valley Enrichment Services strives to promote awareness, acceptance and understanding of people with mental illness and the importance of mental wellness in the lives of everyone in the community.

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